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A Bit About Me


Everyone has a story and this is mine.

Without any doubt I can say that the entire rhythm of my life has been marked (and still is) by two infinite passions of mine: Visual Arts & Animals, with a particular let's call it obsession for photography.

Why architect (almost), designer and photographer ? 

When I was a kid I used to think that paper and watercolors were my shield and sword.

I think that it says a lot about a creative soul. Drawing, painting, sculpture and photography, were my ways to escape  reality to create my own. 

I have been a greedy architecture, design and art student trough the high school and university years. 

I feel that "creation" has always been my main life purpose and I followed that instinct till nowadays.

To express this feeling I relied on photography endless times finding the help that I needed to frame my world, my projects and sensitivity.

Thank to the University years I had  the opportunity to move the first steps into the photography world by attending numerous extracurricular courses  (history of photography, dark chamber, Adobe programs etc.) and dive deeper into this art that is an incredible resource to get trough the design process and document your reality.


Taking picture of what I was experiencing as student, artist or just creative soul was a thriving need.

Why Pet and Equine Photographer ?

Since a very early age I showed artistic skills but also an incredible love for animals.

Every time that an opportunity was presented to me I would run away from my parents to pat that dog, say hi to that cat, watch a bird flying away or admire a beautiful pony at the circus.

That pony. November 1999 is the date when everything started. 

I basically grown up in the stables where all sorts of animals where living together with horses. A true blessing for a girl like me. 

So, the years are passing and parallel to the studies I had the opportunity to build a strong love for the Equestrian World and all his wanders.  Thank to my horse Zoe that got me trough a little eventing career I developed a deeper understanding of this incredible creatures and once you have been touch so deeply by an animal is impossible to let them go. 


So, what this two pats have in common? 

By a photography standing point, I think that my vast studies, obsession for the details and sensitivity are the qualities that truly characterize my pictures.

A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to translate the love that I felt for animals, architecture and photography combining the three of them and create my own business.

To professionalize my skills I attended photography and retouching courses in Italy and Spain.

Work Experience


  • Take the brief to understand specifications and develop the concept

  • Capture and process images until you achieve desired results

  • Direct models for the poses, mood and overall feel of the subject shots

  • Constantly improve image quality using various editing methods

  • Use and maintain modern and traditional technical equipment (cameras, lenses etc)

  • Arrange objects, scenes, lighting and background to adhere to specifications

  • Archive photographic images 

  • Keep abreast of photographic best practices and procedures

  • Suggesting innovative ideas regarding lighting and shooting techniques 


  • Undertake design project from concept to completion

  • Define project requirements and schedule during the “brief”

  • Interpret and translate customer needs into rough plans

  • Set costs and project fees according to budget

  • Research and decide on materials and products sourcing

  • Supervise work progress

  • Work closely with designers, decorators, architects and constructors

  • Research and follow industry changes, evolutions and best practises


  • Work with Architects assisting with various projects

  • Help to plan and design buildings

  • Work on design drawings

  • Assist in reviewing project proposals and specs

  • Help with compiling required paperwork and documents for projects

  • Help coordinate details of architectural projects

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